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Chris J Connolly - "Black Swan"

New single from Chris J Connolly. Download for free or conveniently purchase on iTunes, Amazon, or GooglePlay.



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Vissuda - "Drone Oncet"

The new single from Vissuda, "Drone Oncet" is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, or as a free download.



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Chris J Connolly - "Flying Lessons"

New album out now on physical CD or digital versions from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and others.



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Stella in the Clouds - "Shaman"

"Shaman", the new single from Stella in the Clouds, is now available as a free download.



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Vissuda - LP out now

Vissuda's, On the Verge, is availablle on physical CD from DR and Amazon and digitially on all major music services.



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Stella in the Clouds - LP out now

Stella in the Clouds new album is journey document of there and back - and to have it as your own.



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Stella in the Clouds - "Puppeteer"

"Puppeteer", the new single from Stella in the Clouds, is available as a free download.


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Stella in the Clouds

Chris J. Connolly



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SITC-NEW SINGLE: Stellla in the Clouds' new single "Shaman" is out now. Download for free HERE.

CJC at Pianos: Chris J Connolly will be playing a free show at Pianos NYC next Monday 2/23/15 at 9pm. Venune info HERE.

CJC on WUSB 90.1: Chris J Connolly will be appearing on WUSB 90.1FM on 2/15/15 at 10:30am EST for a live performance and interview. Live stream HERE.

February CMJ MIXTAPE: Chris J Connolly's "Million Colours" is part of the Feb 2015 CMJ Mixtape and can be downloaded for free HERE.

Vissuda-ALBUM REVIEW: IMPOSE magazine reviews the new Vissuda album calling it "an album that hits on so many different levels, peaking and plummeting into moments of introspection and clarity". Full review HERE.

CJC-ALBUM REVIEW: Something Else! reviews Chris J Connolly's Flying Lessons calling it "a fresh take on an old, no-fuss approach to making music". Full review HERE.

CJC on WEHM 92.6: Chris J Connolly will be appearing on WEHM 92.6FM and 96.9FM on 1/15/15 for a live performance. Live stream HERE.

SITC-ALBUM REVIEW: Performer Magazine reviews the new Stella in the Clouds album saying it “imbues peacefulness with weathered-heart wisdom...From the breathy comfort of the opener to the abating chords and ocean waves of the record exhibits melodic finger-picking... lacy progressions and tasteful percussion with an innocence and personable aspect that feels as if you’re experiencing the songs first-hand” ". Full review in the Sept 2014 issue. HERE.

Vissuda-ALBUM REVIEW: ULCA Radio reviews Vissuda's new release calling it "an emotional journey with undertones that keep an almost eerie dream-like quality". Full review HERE.

SITC-NEW ALBUM: Stella in the Clouds' new album Exile on Earth is out now on digital and CD formats. Available on iTunes HERE.

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