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Stella in the Clouds


Awake We Dream (EP)


Release Date: Nov 15, 2016





On her second release "Awake We Dream", Stella blends elements of trip-hop, modern composition and post/artrock. Mixing synth driven bass, soaring guitars, edgy drums, and dark and raw vocal harmonies captured while playing intuitively different instruments to lyrics of stream of consciousness - the sum imagery paints a surreal sense of melancholia.


Stella's new hybrid electronic sound carries like a hypnotic dream, shifting between heavy distortion and unambiguous moments of clarity. Composing dimensional layers while exploring textures and polyrhythmic arrangements, Stella reaches internally for inspiration while weaving in external themes of time and distortion of reality.


Recorded solo in her Brooklyn studio and mixed by producer and multi instrumentalist Aaron Hyzen (aka Paradiser), the sparky collaboration crystallized, falling into place at the 11th hour, which happens to be the name of Stella’s studio… and her favorite time to make decisions.




Album Track Preview: "Quiet Collision"








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